Laura Haley-McNeil

9/26/21, Clean Contemporary Romance Freebies

Free Sweet Romance

Clean contemporary romance freebies proves that every day makes a great day for a giveaway.

Officially Fall

In our part of the world, fall has officially arrived, but no matter the season these sweet reads will take to all parts of the world any time of the year. Visit an island, huddle in a cabin, anything your imagination can conjure you’ll find between these pages. Meet heroes and heroines who may resist love but can’t resist what’s right for them.

Clean Contemporary Romance Freebies

Costs may rise, but thankfully these authors know bargains and happily offer there books for the great price of FREE. Can’t resist something FREE? Neither can I, so join me in downloading these sweet romances written by a group of very talented authors.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift

I love it when I can share this reader favorite The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift. What fun I had remembering my days as a movie extra when I could hang out on a set, and sometimes the beach, all day and chat with my friends. Best yet, we got paid!

Struggling writer Chrystelle knows her latest script will be a blockbuster. When movie-moguls Quint  makes an offer, she’s thrilled, until he explains the changes she has to make. With battle lines drawn, they face off to win a struggle that isn’t just confined to the boardroom. This battle involves their hearts, and now they must decide what’s really important.

Plans for Fall?

My husband and I like to plan a few fall excursions so we jump into our old jeep and head for the hills to hike and explore ghost towns. What an experience to discover an abandoned cabin with mining tools still intact. The hard lives these men and women led amaze me and make great fodder for the stories that continue to play in my head.

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Have a bless week!