Laura Haley-McNeil

9/3/17, New Computer

Hello, Everyone!

Happy 3-day weekend! This weekend is a favorite for me because it means I don’t have to go to the office for 3 whole days! I know that sounds silly, but work around the house piles up all week long and when I have an extra day to catch up on gardening and housework, I’d never use a vacation day to catch up on housework, and that makes me smile. I rarely plan to leave town on these weekends because most people schedule their travel over a 3 day weekend so I feel as if I never left town. Traffic to and from the mountains is jammed as are the airports. I’d rather stay home and work, and when I stay at home, it seems quiet because most people have taken advantage of the 3 day weekend and have left town. Traffic is light around town, and though I usually stay at home, if I do shop, like for something at the supermarket so I can make a dessert for my neighbor’s barbeque tomorrow, I don’t feel like I’m crammed in the aisles and standing at the checkout lane forever.

I do have a new toy, but I’m afraid to use it. I write on a laptop. It sits in my lap while I sit in a chair in my family room and try to remind myself I’m working and can’t always stare out the window. Winter is coming so I have to enjoy the flowers while they’re still nodding in the garden, but I also have to write. The screen on my current laptop goes blank every once in a while, which sends me into total panic. If I lose my screen, I’ll never recover my manuscripts. Well, I could take my laptop to a recovery expert, but that would be expensive. Also, the left click button on the keyboard is collapsing and falling below the keyboard level. My husband, mainly, and I decided I should buy a new laptop. The current one is 4 years old, which doesn’t seem too old, but I use it every day which it apparently doesn’t like, uses Windows 8.1 and uses Office 2013. We went to one of those stores that claims to sell electronics at a discount. Maybe they do. I didn’t shop pricing. We did find a laptop for just a few hundred dollars, BUT I had to install Office 365, 4 years for $50/year. They always find a way to increase the price, so what seemed like a bargain is quickly approaching 4 figures. I’m hoping the new laptop will fit into my old computer travel case so I won’t have to buy a new case – another expense. My husband spent most of the weekend trying to download the software and connecting to the internet. Bless his heart! I’m no techie and it seems that something goes wrong which sends me into panic mode. I have to get up, walk around, calm down, go back to my computer and try again. Or call somebody, which means I have to spend more money.

My husband set it up for me to transfer my files to the new computer. What? I have to do this? I haven’t done it yet. I hate spending my writing time trying to figure out a new computer. I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I think it will be, but I’m not ready to face this part of the transfer-to-a-new-computer phase. It’s sitting on the dining room table waiting for me. I’ll get to it…eventually. Right now I have an excuse to ignore it. I’m trying to finish my book for the boxed set. It’s due in 2 weeks and though I’m close to finishing it, I don’t want to ruin my writing train of thought and start messing with a new computer. The two are not compatible. Actually, I’m hoping my husband will get tired of seeing the ignored new computer and help me, but don’t tell him that.

Here’s hoping you’re enjoy an extra day off and that you’ll spend the weekend with family and/or friends or you’ll curl up with a good book. 3 day weekends are a good time to catch up on reading, too.