Laura Haley-McNeil

5/17/20, Clean Romance in Kindle Unlimited

May you find love

Are you a fan of sweet and clean romance? If so, you can read clean romance in Kindle Unlimited.

Clean Romance in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited developed as a service offered through Amazon, because for a monthly fee, you can read as many books as you want. You can have ten books at a time on your Kindle Unlimited service, and it’s a good deal. You’ve finished reading those books, and so be sure to exchange them for more books. You do this, because it’s a great deal for a reader.

Here’s some advice on how to find these sweet and clean romances, and this will help you greatly.  For the month of May, you can click this link and you’ll be directed to a page that lists sweet and clean romances available in Kindle Unlimited.

Sweet and Clean Romance

I’m a writer of sweet and clean romance, and so I’ve joined a clean romance promotion that includes a group of very talented authors who have linked their books to this promotion. The Clean Romance in Kindle Unlimited promotion includes their novels. Peruse the covers and click the ones that look appealing. You’ll directed to a page that will help you download your next clean romance novel.

I hope you find some books you love, and that you can add new authors to your favorite authors list.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!