Laura Haley-McNeil

1/24/21, Fall in Love with a Cowboy

Fall in love

Get ready to fall in love with a cowboy, chase away gray January, and snuggle up with a sweet cowboy romance. With this plethora of books, you’ll never run out wonderful reads.

Who can Resist?

Tall and strongly built, that cowboy walks out of the pages and flashes you a smile guaranteed to melt your heart. Feel the ridged muscles in that powerful arm that wraps around your waist and holds you close. The steady beat of his heart warms you when you hear his deep voice promise you a love so genuine. You’ll know he’ll stand by your side until the end of time.

Fall in Love with a Cowboy

Ride horses on the ranch, take a picnic in the mountains, sit in the arena at the Nationals and press your fingers to your lips as you watch that handsome man mount the bull that’s never been ridden. Cheer when he tames the beast as he tamed you heart.

Crystal Creek

Be sure and join the Whitlochs at Crystal Creek for a Christmas filled with fun and excitement and the mysterious Noelle Beaupré. Why can’t ER doc Jake Whitloch get her out of his mind?

Noelle knows she can’t stay at Crystal Creek. Someone wants her dead, and she won’t jeopardize the family that has shown her nothing but kindness. The sooner she leaves, the safer everyone will be.

Excitement Abounds between the Pages of a Book

Be captured, fall in love and spend a wonderful afternoon being swept away by a cowboy, because Romance makes all weekends better.

Have a wonderful and blessed week, dear Friends, and know that your in my thoughts and prayers!