Crystal Creek Series Laura Haley-McNeil

10/28/18, Real or Fake

Hello, Everyone!

The year is whizzing by, and maybe you, as I, are wondering where the time goes. Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. And with Christmas comes so many decorations, including the tree. And here’s another question—do you buy a real tree or dig the fake one out of the basement? Real or fake is a question we face in many areas of our lives.

As a musician, I’m often disappointed when I watch a movie and see a beautiful actress pretend she can play an instrument. With all the money that’s spent on movies, surely the studio can afford to hire someone to teach the actress how to hold the instrument. We’ve all seen an actor sitting at a piano and move and sway, close his eyes and pretend the music permeates every fiber of his being, but the camera cuts away from the actor’s hands or if the hands are shown, the audience sees only the hands.

Nowadays, the technology is so advanced that the actor’s face can be superimposed over the musician or dancer so that it actually seems that the actor is indeed this talented character he’s portraying. The skill to become a proficient artist is years and even decades in the making.

Learning a skill isn’t just an investment in time, it’s an investment in money, and not just for the performer. Often times it’s the entire family that sacrifices so that one member can pursue a dream. And often times other family members are also very talented, but this one member has the such a special gift recognized by a teacher or someone else that special effort is devoted to this artist to help him reach his dream. And, of course, this individual must have the inner desire.

In my book, Imagine the Kiss, Book 7 of the Crystal Creek Series, the main character, Teagan Whitloch Munroe, is such a character. She’s not athletic like her brothers and sisters and is happy to sequester herself in a room with her violin. Her parents didn’t understand her devotion to music, but thankfully, she persevered against the criticism and achieved deserving notoriety for her hard work.

Maybe you are such a person. No one understands your desire to pursue an activity that consumes time and possibly money. I hope you continue to pursue your dream. Unfortunately, this takes hard work to achieve your goal, but I hope you’ll persevere and ignore the naysayers. You have to do what is right for yourself, and if you have a burning desire, you know you can’t turn away from what you know you were created to do.

I hope this week is a blessing for you, filled with wonderful and exciting things!