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When it’s Christmas

I love Christmas, and when I start planning my Christmas romances, which is 18 months prior to publication, you can imagine how happy that makes me. I’ll be spending the next 18 months thinking of Christmas and romance.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Wish is FREE today

He’s sidelined with a football injury. She’s desperate to keep her school open. Until he heals he can help her, but at what risk to their hearts?

River Jackson’s riding high as the Denver Flyer’s starting quarterback, until an injury sidelines him. When Coach needs a volunteer to deliver donated football uniforms to the learning center in The Grid, River’s glad to go. What he hadn’t expected was the tiny woman with sparkling dark eyes and dreams bigger than the old schoolhouse she’s renting. He has no intention of falling for her, especially with his career on the ropes.

Disasters Turn to Gold

After a disaster turns Soledad Marcos’ life upside down, she’s glad the learning center has given her and her daughter a stable life. She buries the secrets of her dark past and looks forward to the future—a future that doesn’t include a dashing football player and his desire to help. Her students love River so she’s forced to ignore the unease that has held her back for years.

As Soledad draws closer to River, she learns his tough exterior masks a compassionate and tender soul she’ll resist at all costs but turning her back on love means a bigger sacrifice that could cost more than a broken heart.

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This Excerpt Will Pull You In

River Jackson stood on the sidewalk and stared at the old Denver schoolhouse. The three story building with its darkened windows looked like a multi-eyed creature staring back at him. A string of Christmas lights framed the entrance doors. Someone had attempted to bring this relic some holiday spirit.

He dragged fingers through his hair and glanced around The Grid neighborhood—tiny brick houses, some trimmed with Christmas lights, some with Christmas trees in the front windows. Most of the homes looked older than the schoolhouse, which had to be ancient.

Quiet fell over the area. Probably most of the neighbors were at work, but if anyone were home, would they wonder why the Denver Flyers’ starting quarterback was standing in front of the old schoolhouse? More likely they wouldn’t notice because he wouldn’t stay long.

The Injured Quarterback Helps the Struggling Teacher

Looking back at the building, he wondered about the woman he’d meet—Mrs. Soledad Marcos. Coach Vato Diaz, the Flyers’ head coach, had told him she ran a learning center for the neighborhood children. Though the program focused on academics, Mrs. Marcos wanted a well-rounded curriculum that included physical activities and had emailed Denver teams asking if they could donate used sports equipment.

River heard the prep school he’d attended would donate their old uniforms, so River volunteered to deliver the equipment to Mrs. Marcos’ school. Since injuring his shoulder, he had a lot of free time, and he had an hour to kill before he met with Morris, his agent.

He released a rough exhale. Climbing the steps, he stood in front of the double oak doors and stared at the bronze handles. Should he knock? Coach had told him Mrs. Marcos lived at the school. How did anyone live in a schoolhouse?

He knocked on the door. And waited. A few moments passed, and he turned away and scanned the neighborhood. In the distance, a dog barked. It was probably freezing.

Who is this Tiny Woman with the King-Sized Dream?

Silence ticked by and he glanced back at the door. Maybe Mrs. Marcos wasn’t home. Had she forgotten he was coming? He gave a dry laugh. Usually, when he had a meeting, people rushed out to greet him. He moved toward the steps.

The door behind him creaked open and he looked over his shoulder.

“Mr. Jackson?” The woman’s clear voice had a trace of a Spanish accent. Her large dark eyes shone in a heart-shaped face, mounds of dark hair piled on top of her head. The multicolored cardigan she wore hung to her knees. Black leggings smoothed over shapely calves.

A smaller face, with the same large, dark eyes, peered past the petite woman.

“Yeah.” His voice was rough and filled with a little surprise. He hadn’t expected Soledad Marcos to be young … and pretty.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Wish is Free Today!

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