Laura Haley-McNeil

11/25/18, Holiday Weather

Hello, Everyone!

The holidays are planned, but what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate?

We’re nearing that final stretch toward Christmas. We’re busy shopping and baking, wrapping presents, and making travel plans. But what happens when the weather interferes? How many travelers who planned to snuggle into a warm bed, enjoy a Christmas brunch and spend the morning exchanging gifts by a beautifully decorated Christmas tree instead end up sacked out on the airport floor packed like sardines with hundreds of other travelers, they’ve never seen before and never will again? Now, instead of visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, you’re fighting over electric outlets for charging phones, laptops, and tablets.

At that point, you’re booking your next Christmas vacation in the tropics.

Or what about the host for the holidays? You’ve shopped and wrapped and assigned beds and sofas to your Christmas guests only to find out that they’re socked in at their home airport and can’t book another flight for three more days?

Or what if your guests have arrived and then the weather dumps that one hundred year snowfall on your sleepy town that hasn’t seen snow in the past twenty years? Now your guests have made the unplanned break of staying with you stretch from a few days to a week. The laundry piles up and the only thing left in the house to eat are dome-shaped chocolates filled with cream.

In my story, Christmas Kiss, part of the Christmas anthology ‘Tis the Season, Vera Yeager is stunned when her tiny seaside village of Blue Heron in South Carolina is hit with a snowstorm. The problems pile up when the furnace in her grandmother’s mansion quits. To add to her impossibly disastrous holiday, Darroch Winters arrives with a not very Christmassy announcement. That’s when the sparks start to fly in this very cold house.

I hope your holiday planning is going well, and that you’ll spend it with those you love. Wishing you a joyous week filled with peace, love, joy and God’s blessings!