Laura Haley-McNeil

7/22/18, Wedding Setting

Hello, Everyone!

Are you having an amazing summer and enjoying beautiful weather? That’s my wish for you, though I had a shock the other day when I saw back-to-school ads on the web. Oh, no! Please don’t remind me that summer is coming to an end.

One big summer event is weddings!  Outdoor weddings can be beautiful. The parks and backyards and proper wedding venues are in full bloom and make the perfect settings for these outdoor occasions. We’ve attended two weddings this summer where the grass was green and perfect. Not a weed in sight. How do they do that? The weather was warm with a gentle breeze. The bride was all smiles in her beautiful white gown when she walked down the aisle on her father’s arm. The groom and the groomsmen stood in front of fully bloomed hedges with bright orange trumpet flowers and waited, their faces bright with anticipation. After the final I-dos, everyone cheered. The music played and the champagne poured. It was a splendid day!

Last November, I attended another outdoor wedding, which was pretty amazing as we should have snow by then, but the weather cooperated. The reception was indoors, so we were safe there, but it wouldn’t have mattered—the weather was perfect! The wedding was wonderful.

In my new series, Beaumont Brides, I’m planning lots of weddings, hence the series name, and the Duvalls have the perfect setting for these weddings. Their backyard is spacious and accommodates rows of white chairs. The altar is placed before a pergola that leads into a beautiful rose garden filled with climbing roses and every variety and color of rose you can imagine. And of course, the weather is always perfect for these weddings, but that gives me an idea. What if the weather refuses to cooperate? That’s an option I need to consider. After all, I do write fiction and nothing is more exciting than a little conflict.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and ignore those back-to-school ads. It’s too soon to think about books and warm clothes and studying. Whip out a beach read, flop on that thick colorful towel, soak up some sun and let the story carry you away to summer fun!

Have a great weekend!