Laura Haley-McNeil

7/29/18, New York City

Hello, Everyone!

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I hope you’re enjoying your summer. It’s moving fast but there’s still time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine or slip in a long weekend getaway!

There’s isn’t downtime all the time, though. We have recent college grads in our family and along with learning their new jobs, they’re also hunting for a place to live. Never is that more challenging than in New York City. The city that never seems to sleep. I love New York. It’s exciting and the people are amazing especially for someone like me who’s from laid-back California.

When one young relative was looking for a place to live in New York, I looked up some information on the web. You can start with They have a page of the top ten thing renters need to know. And if you’re from a more laid back culture as I am—beware! Unfortunately, there are scammers out there ready to take your money and leaving you with no place to live. Use caution!

In my book Wherever Love Finds You, Ellora Duvall rents an apartment in the low rent district with her best friend Kayla. It helps if you know who you’re living with. They had no furniture and no money to buy something nice, so they scoured the second-hand stores and the online sales to find a sofa, armchair, television, kitchen table set and bedroom furniture. In their building live other young professionals whose personal lives tangle with their own. Samuel’s on again off again engagement with Nancy really complicates Ellora’s life, but he’s her friend so how could she not want to help him?

Zach Lowe’s professionally decorated apartment is near Central Park. All the trendy restaurants and the exclusive shops are in his neighborhood. From his terrace is a great view of the city. When Ellora shares a Chinese dinner with him, she realizes it’s more than the view that makes her want to be in Zach’s company.

But neighbors can be complicated no matter what neighborhood you live in. Unfortunately, the night Zach’s neighbor comes home drunk and can’t find his apartment key reveals the secret Zach never wanted Ellora to discover.

Hopefully, your neighbors are more responsible.

Remember to enjoy your summer. I hope this week is full of summer fun and that you’re spending time with family and friends and doing what makes you happy.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!