Laura Haley-McNeil

12/21/22, Free and 99¢ Sweet Romance

Christmas peace and joy

Does free and 99¢ sweet romance grab your attention? Then you’re in the right place.

Meet New Authors

If you can never have too many books to read, click this link and peruse this great collection of sweet romances written by some very talented authors. Best of all, these books are priced at that wonderful cost of FREE and 99¢.

Free and 99¢ Sweet Romance

How wonderful to have book friends like you where we can share and chat about our latest reads. Don’t ever run out of sweet romances that make you smile, and here’s a way to make sure you never do.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Wish

Christmas and Billionaires make the holiday season warm and fuzzy. I couldn’t wait to finish writing The Billionaire’s Christmas Wish, because it gave me a chance to write about Soledad and River, two souls with no room for love in their lives. The Christmas spirit has other ideas, so download this bargain book and watch how they can’t fight the feeling.

The Joy of Christmas

The beauty of every season greets us with open arms, so enjoy the brilliant colors of the season. Remember to make it more enjoyable by downloading these reader favorites.

I enjoy this time we spend together to chat about books. Christmas peace and joy to you and your loved ones, my dear reader friends.