Laura Haley-McNeil

2/17/19, My Favorite City So Far

Hello, Everyone!

A few months ago I wrote a story to be included in a Christmas Anthology called ‘Tis the Season. I took that opportunity to write about my favorite city. Charleston is an amazing city with beautiful buildings and deep history. I love reading southern historicals. I’m from the west and not familiar with the southeastern states, but I’ve had a few opportunities to visit a few of those states and have loved being down there. I find the south delightful―the food, the people and the history.

When I wrote Christmas Kiss, I created the fictional city Blue Heron, South Carolina, that had the same stately mansions that line the Charleston streets south of Broad. These homes are magnificent with their unique architecture. It was amazing to realize I was walking through a room one of the founding fathers had occupied.

We walked along the Battery, smelled the beautiful sea air and sat in the park where cannons had once lined the barrier. We visited one house that had been built by a blockade runner and of course, I thought of Rhett Butler. After the daughter of this Charlestonian married, he sent her on a two-year honeymoon. Nice Dad! While she was gone, he built a home for her that’s earned the moniker the Wedding Cake House. Super nice Dad! The home is a beautiful, white bed and breakfast that costs a fortune for one night and is the scene for many weddings.

If you’re planning to visit Charleston, make time to visit some of the mansions, eat great food, and just have some fun! And if you’re planning a wedding, give Charleston a look. It’s known as the wedding capital of the world, according to our tour guide.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!