Laura Haley-McNeil

4/22/18, Horsing Around

Hello, Everyone! 

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying peaceful days and lovely weather in your part of the word. It seems that spring has a slow start this year, but I know that eventually, the warm weather will be upon us, and then there will be those days when I wish I were three years old and running through the sprinkler in my mother’s backyard.

Springtime was always fun growing up especially if we could spend some time at my father’s ranch. the horses were frisky and would nip at each other as the chased one another through meadows or in the arena. They were so happy to be outside, and we were happy to be at the ranch with them. Of course, it wasn’t just the spring weather that made them frisky, but that’s another topic altogether. I’ve always had a love for horses. Taking a ride through the woods was such a relaxing way to spend the day. We’d ride through meadows and cross streams and have a picnic by a mountain. It was so easy to forget that civilization was just a few hours away.

I loved my memories of the ranch and was glad when the idea came to me to write about the Crystal Creek Ranch. We met many colorful characters during our summer visits and some of those qualities found their way into my books. One memorable experience was when I dated a young man whose family owned an Arabian horse ranch. Dad raised quarter horses, so I couldn’t believe how beautiful the Arabian horses were compared to the quarter horses. My friend’s horses were exquisite with the delicate structure of their heads their petite bone structure and their feisty spirits. They were beautiful and they knew it. My friend would travel around the world and compete in different events. He was very clever with his routines and would spend hours training the horses to perform maneuvers to catch the judges’ eyes. His horses were spirited and cocky and usually stole the show and the grand prize, which helped him when he charged the high price stud fees. His world was very exciting and it was fun for me to be a part of that. I had always thought this information would work well in a book and now that day has come and I’ve used it as the basis for the Crystal Creek Series. This has been so much fun to write and has brought back wonderful memories.  

I’m sure you have wonderful memeorires about exciting events, too. I hope you’re keeping track of them because who knows? They may make an interesting basis for a book you’ll have so much fun writing!

Have a wonderful week!