Laura Haley-McNeil

5/1/22, Heartfelt Romance Giveaway

Start your summer reading list

Heartfelt Romance Giveaway fills the ticket for your summer reading program, so click the link and dive into these great reads.

Sweet Romance

Imagine a sweet romance, young love, or a second chance romance where a man and a woman connect and know there can never be anyone else. Open these books and meet the strongly built heroes and the feisty heroines who fight the conflict that threatens their love. But love has more power and beats the odds.

Heartfelt Romance Giveaway

Shopkeepers and ranchers and everything in between fill the pages of these sweet reads. The hero who can’t be redeemed, the heroine protecting her heart, you’ll find them all in these sweet romances that find love where you least expect it.

Beaumont Brides

I always wanted to write a brides series, but then I had to determine what connected these brides? How about a blended family? The fun began when Steve Duvall married Kim Lowe and suddenly the six Lowe sons and the six Duvall daughters discovered they’re related.

When Love Whispers pulled together my dream characters⸻Preston, who’s in his last year at the military academy, and Willow, whose dysfunctional family has made her determined to follow her dream, until a major roadblock rips that dream into pieces.

I hope you’ll click the link and start reading this book today. Remember, it’s FREE!

Spring has Sprung

In my part of the world, winter gives way to spring. The trees bud. The birds sing. When I’m not digging in my garden, I’m huddled in my comfy chair reading sweet romance. How are you spending your days?

I send this missive with prayers that you and your loved ones are well and safe. I think of my readers daily. You mean so much to me. Have a blessed week!