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9/6/20, Call It Love Is FREE!

Casting Call

Call It Love is FREE today. If you haven’t read this 3rd book in the Beaumont Brides Series, now’s your chance. Click the link and download your copy today!

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A free book is a great way to meet new authors. When you invest your time and money in a book, you want to know that you’ve invested wisely. A free book helps a reader know that she did.

Call It Love is FREE

For years, I’ve wanted to write a brides series. As I made notes and outlines, I came up with two families⸻the Lowes and the Duvalls. The six daughters and six sons come together as a blended family when their parents marry. Call It Love is Addison Duvall’s story. Her life is never quite the same after she meets movie star Spencer Kingsley.

The Blurb

A kiss isn’t just a kiss …

Struggling actress Addison Duvall hustles background acting jobs at the Hollywood studios in hopes for her big break. When she’s cast as the stand in for the lead actress in a blockbuster spy film, she can’t believe her luck. The surprises rush in―her first test shot is with Hollywood heartthrob Spencer Kingsley. Her even bigger surprise is when the director yells, “Action!” and Spencer presses his lips to hers in a kiss.

Behind Spencer’s Hollywood façade hides the secret pain no one suspects. He’s the first to take a risk except when it comes to his heart. He can’t deny he and Addison have chemistry―chemistry onscreen and off―and he’s tempted to lower his guard. She seems real, not like the women he usually meets.

Once Addison’s star rises, so do Spencer’s doubts. She’s no different than the others looking for the connection to catapult their careers. He won’t let another woman damage his heart. His decision made, Spencer wishes her success.

But it’s already too late. How does he heal this Addison shaped hole in his heart? Should he risk more heartbreak for another chance at love?

Wherever Love Finds You is the 1st book in the Beaumont Brides Series and When Love Whispers is the 2nd book in the Beaumont Brides Series.

Join the fun and start reading Call It Love today!

Have a wonderful and blessed week!