Laura Haley-McNeil

8/30/20, Suspense with Your Romance

Sweet Summer Romantic Suspense

Need a little suspense with your romance? Here’s the perfect place to find clean romantic suspense. Summer, romance, suspense. What a great combination for a day of beach reading. This promotion introduces you to a great selection of romantic suspense novels with strong heroines and the men who love them.

Discovering Romantic Suspense

I still remember the first time I read a romantic suspense novel. I loved that there was sexual tension between the hero and heroine as they worked together to solve a mystery. After that, I was hooked. I read every romantic suspense novel I could find.

Romance with Your Suspense

Soon Harlequin and other publishers realized there was a market for romantic suspense and the genre became quite prolific with every type of subgenre you could imagine. There was something for everyone⸻from cozy to Gothic to fantasy to science fiction. As long as it had a mystery to solve, I kept turning those pages.

Sexual Tension

What can really draw in the audience is the tensions between the hero and heroine. Sexual tension doesn’t mean sex. There’s an attraction between these two. It’s more fun when they know they shouldn’t be together, especially when they represent opposing sides, but then the conflict snowballs so that, like it or not, they have to work together, which leads to them admitting they can’t fight the feeling. They may as well give in. The results are always good, because, hey! This is romance!

As we wind down summer, I hope yours was great and that you have a wonderful and blessed week.