Laura Haley-McNeil

8/26/18, Hairstyles for the Bride

Hello, Everyone!

In my part of the world, summer has slipped away overnight. We’ve had a couple of mornings when I’ve wanted to turn on the furnace. Brrr! The days are shorter, and we’re back to rising in the morning without the sun. Summer is that dream that slips away when the alarm clock blasts. We have memories, and we can always start planning for next summer’s vacation. That keeps me motivated.

Summer is filled with so many activities including weddings. We attended several weddings this summer, and we’ve been invited to a couple more taking place this fall. For late in the season planners, couples can find more wedding venue availability, and oftentimes at a better price. No matter when the wedding is scheduled, it’s an honor to be invited as a guest on that special day.

The bride has much to think about, not just the dress, but how should she wear her hair? I’ve attended several weddings where the brides have foregone the veils and have worn flowers or beads in their hair. Several of the brides hired a hairstylist and makeup artist to help them prepare for that day. No matter how the bride wears her hair for work or play, there are plenty of options to make the bride look like she was blessed with a glorious mane of hair with hair extensions or hair pieces, though the weddings I attended, I knew the brides well and knew they didn’t augment their hair. As an aside, I was surprised to learn that hair extensions are glued to the customer’s hair.

For hair extensions, a hair stylist can match strands to the bride’s hair making her looking like she has a long flowing mane. For a hairpiece, for example, a chignon, a wig shop can match the hair color and fasten the piece, like a bun, or a cascade of curls, to the back of the bride’s head. It looks natural and feminine and very elegant. There are so many things a hairstylist takes into consideration including the shape of the bride’s face and the length of her neck when it comes to the hairstyle for that special day.

In my book, Wherever Love Finds You, two weddings take place—one wedding for a couple in their forties and one for a couple in their twenties. The older bride has short, blond hair. She is tall and slim with a longer neck. The day of her wedding, she wore her usual hairstyle, nothing fancy and chose to wear a trio of roses on one side of her head. The younger bride is petite and has dark hair, which she wears long. She also forewent the veil. Her hair was woven at the back of her head and adorned with pearls. She looked stunning.

If you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, there are many things to think about. The bride has decisions to make, but these will be her decisions which will give her a lifetime of memories. A wedding is a joyous day!

No matter what your plans for the coming week, I hope it’s wonderful, and that lots of good things happen for you.

God bless you!