Laura Haley-McNeil

8/19/18, Saying Yes to the Dress

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you’re doing well. We’re at that time of year when we’re waving goodbye to summer. This week, as I drove to work, I followed school buses on the highway. For me, that means summer is officially over. Sob!

Summer is a great time for weddings, but nowadays, any season can be a wedding season. Last year, I attended an outdoor wedding in November! Fortunately, the weather was perfect that day, but that’s unusual for Colorado.

The most important part of the wedding is the dress. I love a fitted, strapless gown. It lets the bride show everyone how beautiful she is. It’s her special day, and she should look and feel special.

In my book, Wherever Love Finds You, there are two weddings. In the first wedding, the bride is in her late forties and this is her third wedding. I dressed her in a lacy tea-length gown. The bridal bouquet was an arrangement of white roses with a cascade of lilies, and she wore flowers in her hair. The bouquet was the fun part and I enjoy creating a subplot around the bouquet!

Though the wedding was during the summer, and at the groom’s home, it was an evening wedding that took place in the foothills of Colorado. The weather was perfect. The rear of the house faced a wide expanse of lawn that connected to a pergola filled with trellises covered with roses. The bridesmaids wore garden party dresses. The caterers set up rows of white chairs and attached hydrangea bouquets to the chairs on each aisle.

The reception was an all-night party with music that rocked the house. When the guests weren’t dancing, they were toasting the bride and groom with glasses of champagne. At least almost everyone toasted the bride and groom. There were a couple of guests who had reserved feelings about the wedding, which made this wedding a joy to write. I love it when I can throw in some conflict and make the characters struggle with their feelings. After all, life isn’t perfect. With fiction, anything goes!

I hope you had a fabulous summer and that you’re ready to turn your thoughts toward fall, though fall is still a month away! I already see evidence of autumn with the leaves turning. It all happens too fast!

Have a great week and I hope something special and wonderful happens to you this week.