Laura Haley-McNeil

5/13/18, Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello, Everyone!

To all of you who are mothers, I want to wish you a happy Mother’s Day! You’ve taken on the most difficult job in the world where you work 24/7 with no vacation time or sick time and no retirement. My hat is off to you, and to my own mother and sisters, nieces and friends who have taken on this monumental task. But it’s also a beautiful love story that never ends, that’s the fun part, not to say the other part can’t be fun, but it’s exhausting.

I sit in amazement at how my mother raised six children and worked full time. Housework was never a priority with her. She loved to bake and we always had something fun in the house to eat, much to my detriment. She was always thinking of fun things for us to do. She bought books and craft magazines and songbooks for us so when we drove anywhere, we were singing. I’m not sure my father appreciated it, but I’m assuming it kept us from fighting. I don’t remember too many skirmishes but I’m sure we had them. I remember all the silly little gifts we made for her and she was as thrilled with those as if we had given her diamonds! She loved everything we did for her. Of course, helping her clean was the best gift of all. Mom was also an artist and painted whenever she had a chance, which wasn’t much but somehow she found the time. It seemed that she didn’t sleep much, when I was at home. Maybe she caught up on sleep after I left. She was so beautiful, I’m sure all children think their mother is beautiful, and I can remember sitting in her bedroom and watching her get ready for a date or some function with my father. She smelled wonderful and she looked like a princess when she left the house. Despite six children, she remained slim which could be due to her exercise program of chasing after us. She made everything fun and on days like today I miss her but am blessed to have had her in my life. We didn’t make life easy for her with our shenanigans and escapades, including trips to the emergency room and the principal’s office, but she loved us anyway. Even when she disciplined us, we knew we were loved. Mother’s Day is a marketing success because most everyone wants to honor his/her mother. And how convenient that graduations are usually the day before Mother’s Day? Those mothers who worked hard and sacrificed to put their children through school receive the royal treatment at graduations and they should!

I know this can be a tough day for some people. All relationships aren’t always smooth and mine wasn’t either, but now that I look back on it, the good outweighed the bad and for that I’m glad and fortunate. Sometimes that motherly relationship isn’t always with your mother or your children, but I hope that you have someone in your life that you can celebrate with even if it’s with a very dear friend or another relative. I hope this is a wonderful day for you and that the relationships in your lives that celebrate the mothering in some way, will nurture you, or that you will be nurturing someone else.

Have a great day filled with memories and love and a wonderful week ahead!