Laura Haley-McNeil

9/13/20, September-Read a New Book Month

September-Read a new book month

Did you know that September-Read a New Book Month starts now? Now you do.

Where to Start

Adventure and information fill Books. Even a book written because they entertain. They open doors to things you never knew before. They take you to exotic places or homey small towns. You meet people you carry in your heart for years. Many times I reread a book just because I want to be close a character I remember like a dear friend.

September-Read a New Book Month

If you’re a looking for something romantic, I have the perfect site where you can peruse great, sweet romances  and download these books to your ereader today. These are books that you can cuddle up with all month long. Click the link and be whisked away to happily-ever-after. Books abound. In this day, one click downloads a new book to your reading app.

Leave a Review

When you read a book you love, be sure to let the author know and leave a review on the site where you bought the book or a readers’ site. Readers value your recommendations so spread the word. You’ve read the book, so you’re the expert!

Join the fun and start reading these sweet romances today!

Have a wonderful and blessed week!