Laura Haley-McNeil

5/23/21, Free and 99¢ Sweet Romance

Free & 99¢ Sweet Romance

With summer coming, we need to have plenty of great reads lined up, and free and 99¢ sweet romance will make every reader smile. Click the link and start enjoying these swoony romances today!


This year has started with volatility that seems almost common place, but a reader can always escape the turmoil by cracking open a novel guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Turn your back on unpredictability, then you can crawl into your comfy chair. You’ll enjoy these romances, because talented authors worked hard to make your reading time worthwhile.

Free and 99¢ Sweet Romance

We look for bargains to meet our needs, and readers want bargains. Readers seek bargains when they seek a book for a time investment. Books at free and 99¢ couldn’t be a better answer for value, plus you get well crafted stories that draw you into romances you’ll remember for a long time.

Christmas Billionaires

I always want it to be Christmas, and write Christmas romances all year long. With The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift you’ll start a series of Christmas Billionaire romance that will take to that magical time of year. These standalone novels have Christmas and billionaires in common, so click the link and start reading this series today.

Return to Normal?

I pray your life will closely resemble what you had pre-2020, because peace of mind helps everyone. Our state lifted the mask mandate and what a relief it was to see faces again.

I hope you have an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends, and that this past year will melt into the forgettable past.

Be well and safe, dear friends. God bless you all!