Laura Haley-McNeil

5/7/17, Risking Her Heart

Book 5 of the Crystal Creek Series

Hello, Everyone!

I hope your weekend was wonderful! Here the weather can’t decide if it’s winter or spring. We’ve had several snowfalls, which is good because this climate is normally very dry, but when the temperature vacillates from the eighties one day to the thirties the next, it’s hard to know how to prepare for the day. I’ve already pulled out my sandals with plans to wear these to work, but the weather isn’t cooperating. Many women in the office where I work have braved the cold and are wearing sandals, but it’s hard for me to focus when my feet are cold so I’m sticking with shoes for at least another week.

I’m very excited to announce the release of Book 5 of the Crystal Creek Series – Risking Her Heart. This is Charisse’s and Trent’s story. I had so much fun working on this book. Even though I had written an outline, these characters had minds of their own and took the story in a completely different direction. Who knows what to say and how to say it better than my characters? I let them have free reign. There were a few surprises, but the story gripped me as I hope it will grip you. It took longer to write this book than I had expected. My editor pointed out that I had two different conflicts so one of them had to go. Never fear, though, it didn’t go into cyberspace trash, but I’ll go into more detail about these outtakes in another post.

Yesterday, I had a chance to meet my new grandniece when I attended my niece’s baby shower. She is one month old. I’ve watched her change as my niece posts pictures of her on Facebook. If she’s anything like her mother, she will be beautiful, though she does have a handsome father and an adorable older brother so I think the chances are good that she’ll be cute. Even though she slept during most of the party, when she was awake she was mesmerized by all the activity. We played some games, and ate a lot, then opened presents. This little girl received some beautiful outfits so she’ll definitely be a fashion plate. It was wonderful to see family and friends I rarely see anymore because of time and living so far from everyone, so it was a great time to catch up on all the news.

I hope you have a wonderful week to look forward to. And if you have a chance, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Risking Her Heart. Right now, it’s only available in ebook, but the print version will be released soon.

I’m sending wishes of joy and happiness your way!



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