Laura Haley-McNeil

6/12/22, Love & Sunshine

Love & Sunshine

With summer comes love & sunshine and a treasure trove of sweet romances. Don’t miss this giveaway. Click the link and download these great reads now!

FREE Sweet Romance

We all look for bargains and at no risk to you, your summer reading list of FREE books includes these delightful reads of romance, suspense, love and laughter.

Love & Sunshine

We’ve looked forward to summer all year. When don’t we need a chance to kick back and relax?  With the kids out of school, we can enjoy that trip we’ve been planning all year, or my favorite way to relax by stretching out and taking it easy. No matter what your plans, remember that book you’ve been dying to read, because you finally have a chance.

When Love Whispers

I can’t get enough sweet romance no matter what the season, so with this trove of FREE romance, I’ve included Book 2 of the Beaumont Brides Series—When Love Whispers. For this book, I dusted off a few memories of when I when I spent some time in Charleston, South Carolina.

Preston Lowe has planned his life–receive his degree from the military academy and begin his career overseas. What he didn’t expect was a complication in sassy artist Willow Dockery. How can he leave the woman he can’t get out of his mind?

Welcoming Summer

After this long, cold winter, I welcome summer with open arms. My husband and I have an old jeep we like to take to the mountains and explore ghost towns moldering away on mountaintops. How those miners trudged up steep slopes to mine gold confounds anyone who’s trudged up the mountainside. The adventure shouldn’t be missed.

I hope your summer promises excitement or relaxation that brings enjoyment all season long.

Be well and safe, my dear friends. God bless you all!