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6/4/23, Sweet Reads

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Sweet Reads

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Another Chance at Love

Hannah knows God has forgiven her for straying from her faith as a teenager, but she can’t forgive herself. Her daughter is the reminder that she turned her back on God.

Pastor Trey is grieving when he takes his children on the road trip he’d planned with his late wife. He had hoped the trip would allow the family to heal, but instead, each stop reminds him he’s alone.

When Trey drives his family to Crystal Creek, he appreciates the friendly waitress, Hannah who helps he and his children get acquainted with the town. As time passes, he finds himself drawn to Hannah whose bright smile doesn’t hide the pain in her eyes.

Will God call Trey away from Crystal Creek, or will Trey have a chance to show that when she can love herself, she’ll open her heart to Trey’s love?

Another Chance at Love is the first book in the Christian romance series Hearts of Crystal Creek. If you like age gap romance for people who think they’ve lost their chance at love, then you’ll love Laura Haley-McNeil’s sweet romance tales.

Buy Another Chance at Love and read about true love that knows no bounds!

I hope you enjoy these books and that your summer is off to a great start.

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