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6/11/23, Sweet Summer Series Reads

Sweet Romance

The unofficial start of summer has arrived, and what better way to celebrate the season than with sweet summer series reads? Click the link and start enjoying these sweet romances today!

Here Comes Summer

Let’s begin the lazy days of summer. Enjoy the season by grabbing that little piece of beach, flopping on the warm sand and pulling out a romance that whisks you to the oohs and aahs of sweet romance.

Sweet Summer Series Reads

What’s sweet about summer–everything! When you throw romance into the mix, you have all the ingredients to make summer memorable. If you dig around in that memory of yours, you can probably pull out a moment or two when you saw that boy looking tan and making your heart pound inside your chest while you pretended to be great friends.

Beaumont Brides

Weddings and brides are the cherries on an ice cream sundae. When I wrote the Beaumont Brides romances, I couldn’t wait to see my characters stare lovingly into each other’s eyes as they recited their vows. The loves of the Duvalls and Lowes, a blended family of adult children, begin with Wherever Love Finds You.

Ellora crushed on Zach in high school, but he was out of her league. Now he’s the Black Knight of Wall Street and his next conquest is taking over Ellora’s firm. Can they separate their hearts from their jobs and their pasts? Click the link and download the book to meet these strong women and the men who love them.

Let Summer Be Sweet

What plans do you have for the summer? Do they include a trip, or will you stay close to home and relax or work on that summer project list? With that, I raise my hand.

Whatever your plans, I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

Be well and safe, dear friends.



Thank you so much for reading today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it!

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