Laura Haley-McNeil

7/14/22, Binge Read a New Series

Crystal Creek Series

Summer’s a great time to catch up on reading and more fun to binge-read a new series. If you love romantic suspense, here’s an opportunity to test the waters. Download the first two books in the Crystal Creek Series for 99¢ each and see if this series is for you.


Starting today, Guarding Her Heart and Crystal Creek Christmas are on sale for 99¢. The sale lasts until July 23, 2022, so download these reader favorites today.

Binge Read a New Series

The series starts with Guarding Her Heart. What happens when a stalker sets his eyes on Victoria, but the only man who can save her is Garrett who walked out of her life ten years ago?

Next up, start reading Crystal Creek Christmas.  Dr. Jake Whitloch visits the Crystal Creek Ranch to celebrate his cousin’s Victoria wedding, but what happens when a snowstorm hits and he has to help his cousins save the cattle? Only the mound he finds lying in the snow isn’t a calf. It’s a woman with a monster diamond ring on her finger.

The Whitlochs of Crystal Creek

The Whitlochs of Crystal Creek are waiting to greet you. Don’t turn away their country hospitalilty. Meet the family and share their lives, their loves and their adventures.