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11/10/19, Book Boyfriend

Book Boyfriend

I’ve read articles and even book reviews where readers are praising the author for the perfect book boyfriend. I’ll admit I’ve read a book where I’ve thought where can I find a guy like that, and work hard to make my heroes a reader’s book boyfriend. My latest hero, Preston Lowe in When Love Whispers, Book 2 of the Beaumont Brides Series, is my favorite book boyfriend so far.

Book Boyfriend

Authors create all sorts of characters, but it’s fun creating the hero. He can be exactly what you’ve been dreaming about for the past months or years. And he doesn’t have to be perfect. Heroes that carry around baggage are interesting because not only do they deal with the past, they deal with the present, which can include a heroine who causes more trouble than she’s worth, according to him.

Sparks Fly

The most fun is when the hero is attracted to the heroine, but can’t figure out why, or is exasperated with himself because he is. More fun begins when she’s in a situation that she can’t resolve, or he thinks she can’t resolve, without his help. I love it when the sparks fly. This hero is a man who knew he’d never fall in love, so why is this happening?

Let’s Talk

One Book Boyfriend requirement for me is that the hero says and does what guys say and do. I admit it would be nice if a guy asked me if I want to talk about XYZ, but it would also shock me. No guy in my life wanted to talk. Or if he did, he was hoping it would lead to other things. I can always tell when I’ve talked to much by the glazed look in a guy’s eyes. That’s what I’m looking for in the male characters I read about. I realize that isn’t the type of hero for other readers, but that’s the hero I’m expecting.

Act Like a Man

It can be a tough challenge for a female author to create the hero that acts like a man, and again that isn’t what all readers want. For me, I think about the men in my life and how they’d respond to a certain situation and create my hero based on those reactions.

It can be tough for men to write about women, too, but that’s another blog.

Here are a couple of sites that focus on the book boyfriend. Follow these links and you just might find your next book boyfriend!


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Do you have a book boyfriend? Please share. And you can have more than one.

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