Laura Haley-McNeil

11/17/19, FREE BOOKS!

Free Sweet Romance Novels

Just in time for Thanksgiving, here are some FREE BOOKS to keep you warm and cozy for the upcoming holiday. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you’ll enjoy these FREE sweet romances selected by talented authors just for YOU! Bargain hunters will LOVE these great deals and who isn’t hunting for a bargain? Download these books today to enjoy through the holidays and throughout the new year. Click the link below and start reading today:


I’ve included Crystal Creek Christmas, Book 2 of the Crystal Creek Series. It’s a great way to meet the Whitlochs of Crystal Creek. The book is FREE. You have nothing to lose.

And if you enjoy any or all of these FREE books, be sure to let the author know. That’s the greatest gift a reader can give an author. Though authors love to create stories for readers, it’s always nice to receive a line or two from a reader who enjoyed one of the author’s books. That puts a smile on any writer’s face.

As we gear up for the holidays, I hope these next few weeks are wonderful and blessed and a time you can spend with loved ones, take a needed vacation to get away from the rat race, or just spend some time catching up on things that have been piling up around the house. That option gets my vote. It seems the older I get the more quickly time passes, so it’s nice to have a few extra days to catch up on things and that includes READING!

I hope your week is wonderful and blessed!