Laura Haley-McNeil

The Christmas Billionaires Boxed Set is LIVE Today!

Christmas Billionaires Boxed Set

The Christmas Billionaires Boxed Set, Books 4-6, is live today! It’s the perfect addition to my other books which you can find here.

Do You Love Christmas Romance?

I started writing these books five years ago and knew one day I’d have enough books to include in a boxed set. With prices rising, I wanted to give readers a chance to read these books at a discount, and this boxed set gives readers that opportunity! Read on to learn more about the fourth book in the Christmas Billionaires Boxed Set–The Billionaire’s Christmas Promise.

The Christmas Billionaires Boxed Set

Start off your Christmas read by meeting Alexander and Felicity.

A reclusive billionaire.

A woman scarred for life.

The child they both love.

When a plane crash takes the life of Alexander Ross’ ex-wife, he gains full custody of their nine-year-old daughter, Poppy, but he’s at a loss as to how to fit her into his life of corporate mergers and acquisitions. The solution? Hire a nanny to look after Poppy until after the holidays when she’ll be enrolled in boarding school.

Felicity Holden can’t remember her life before the accident that scars her face forever. Knowing this unsightly flaw stands in her way of marriage and having a family, she accepts her role as a nanny and devotes herself to other people’s children.

Felicity’s New Job

What begins as a job turns into Felicity’s passion. She’ll help Alexander understand the greatest gift he has is his daughter. At the risk of losing her heart, she works to create a bond between this business magnate and his daughter, knowing that after the holidays she’ll lose them both. What did she and Alexander never expect? The spirit of Christmas touching hearts and opening eyes to a future that exceeded their wildest dreams.

If you like sweet romance and laughter, you’ll love The Billionaire’s Christmas Promise by Laura Haley-McNeil.