Laura Haley-McNeil

12/27/20, Redeem Those Holiday Gift Cards

Redeem those holiday gift cards

Are you wondering when to redeem those holiday gift cards? How about now?  Gift cards provide a simple way to say, “I’m thinking of you.” What better way to say thanks than to  let the giver know that you used the card by buying something that will stay with you forever?

After-Christmas Sales

With businesses bombarding us with black Friday and cyber Monday deals, we want to stretch our dollars as far as they can go and that includes gift cards. After Christmas brings more deals and books to share a place on your wish list.

Redeem Those Holiday Gift Cards

Authors offer great discounts on their books with sweet romance a genre that many readers can never get enough of. So when those after-Christmas sales strike, get busy and download a treasure trove of books that might only be discounted once a year―this time of year.

Christmas Billionaire Series

This link includes my Christmas Billionaire Series. Don’t miss out on The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift and The Billionaire’s Christmas Wish. These books must be on your reading list for you to while away these chilly winter nights as we wait for winter to thaw into spring. Download these sweet romances today. They’ll warm you as much as a cup of hot cocoa.

We say goodbye to 2020 and hold hope in our hearts for the new year to bring better days. My prayers for you include God’s sweet blessings that hold you close and give you peace and hope.

Happy New Year!