Laura Haley-McNeil

12/20/20, Home for Christmas

This special time of year

Home for Christmas weighs on the minds of many this time of year. Where else would you want to be except surrounded by those you love?

This Time of Year

This time of year gives us a chance to think about special times and special moments, and those moments can include romance. Do you remember the first Christmas you spent with your loved one? Though shopping can be frantic, when we’re finished, we can sit by the tree and pass out beautifully wrapped packages and watch delight sparkle in that our loved one’s eyes.

Home for Christmas

And to make this time of year all warm and fuzzy, this talented group of authors have collected their Christmas romances into a bundle guaranteed to make you smile. So snuggle deep into that comfy chair and grab some chocolate because Christmas will never end with these delightful stories.

Christmas Billionaire Series

This year I managed to publish to Christmas romances with the Christmas Billionaire Series and I can’t wait to share them with you. Quint and Chrystelle take the Hollywood boardroom battle to an idyllic town in The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift. River and Soledad share the holidays with each other and a host of unexpected guests in The Billionaire’s Christmas Wish. Download these sweet romances today and enjoy Christmas with a touch of romance.

As 2020 nears its end, I think and pray for each one of you. Be well and blessed during the holidays.

God bless you all!