Laura Haley-McNeil

3/28/21, Spring into Romance

Small Town Romance

Spring into romance with these small town reads. Click the link and spend the afternoon with these powerfully built heroes and the spunky heroines who’ve captured their hearts.

Small Towns

Spring and romance and small towns all rolled into one paint a life and love that shows a simple life without the big city complications and corporate challenges. Festivals and farms and after church socials where a boy and girl can meet. Love a second chance romance? You’ll find your favorite genre here, because love always gets a second chance between these pages.

Spring into Romance

What could be more romantic than springtime? Flowers bloom, and you’ll drive past orchards with flowering trees ready to burst into the fruit they’ll bear with apples and peaches and pears. Puppies and kitties and colts and calves enter the world. And remember the babies, because nothing’s cuter that a round, precious face eager to soak up the surrounding world.

Crystal Creek

I named my small town series Crystal Creek, because mall towns hold a special place in my heart. My father grew up on ranch near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and our summers there included horseback rides, fishing, hiking and lots of cute

Never Kiss Goodbye, pulled together my dream characters⸻Josh, a bronc rider, and Lily, a pregnant woman on the run. When their haunted pasts collide, the chemistry between them ignites emotions they must fight or lose more than their lives.

Spring Arrives

Have planned your spring yet? Do like garden or laze by the pool or maybe plan outside activities so the kids can stretch their legs and burn off energy?

Whatever your plans, may God engrave you and your loved ones in the palms of His hands.

Blessings and have a great week!