Laura Haley-McNeil

6/10/18, That First Job

Hello, Everyone!

I hope your summer is having an amazing start. We’re into June and I feel like the season is half over, which is ridiculous because the official start of summer is a week and half away. The nice weather is short in my part of the world. It’s been cold and rainy, but instantly that disappears and the thermometer hits 90 plus degrees for the next few weeks. We try to schedule some fun times but as the day job seems to interfere and when I do find free time, I’m usually outside pulling weeds. They’re so hearty and they easily take over the flower garden. Then I blink and the kids are starting school, but where am I going with this? I’m supposed to be enjoying summer, and Colorado is a great state for enjoying this season.

My characters on the other hand can and do live anywhere. In my newest release, Wherever Love Finds You, the story starts in New York City. This is a great city for young people and my characters are young. Zach Lowe is 24 and Ellora Duvall is 22. Zach’s been in New York for three years. He’s familiar with the city and how to have fun. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome and usually has his pick of whom he wishes to have fun with.

Ellora’s been in the city for a year, but she’s new at her job and wants to make a good impression on her boss. After graduation, she’d planned to hitchhike through Europe with her friends, but then she was offered her dream job and she couldn’t pass it up. I’m sure you remember those days. Now, she’s one of the first employees at the office each morning and one of the last to leave and she’ll spend most of the weekend at the office or at home drafting reports. She knows she lives in a great city. There’s so much to do, but she’s so focused on her career she hasn’t taken time to accept invitations from friends to go to the beach, take a ski vacation to Vermont, meet friends at the theatre or even stop in a local club for drinks and dancing.

Until that morning when she arrives to work with her hand crafted coffee and who should be in the elevator but the boy she crushed on in high school—Zach Lowe. He’s no boy. He’s all man. She never forgot him. She always held out hope that he’d see her as more than the brain who helped him in chemistry class.

Zach’s appalled that Ellora hasn’t taken advantage of the fun things New Yorkers do. He’s determined to change that. Ellora’s determined to let him.

Starting a new job isn’t easy. You want to make a good impression, but there’s no law that says you can’t have some fun. We all need down time and we need to make time for entertainment and enjoying ourselves. And if we’re doing that with someone special, that’s better yet!

Remember to enjoy yourselves. And in some parts of the world it’s summer so that’s the best time to get out there and have some fun.

Have a wonderful week!