Laura Haley-McNeil

6/3/18, New Book! New Series!

Hello, Everyone!

We’re finally into summer! Time to hit the ground running. The kids are out of school and we’re busy planning activities to keep them busy while we juggle jobs, summer house projects and that most important event of all SUMMER VACATION! If you’re like me, you started planning that trip the day after Christmas. That’s a great time to sit in front of the fireplace and pretend the snow has melted and you’re sitting on the beach listening to the waves lap the shore. Are you there yet? 

Summer’s also a great time to stock up on those beach reads, and I have one to add to your list. WHEREVER LOVE FINDS YOU is the 1st book in my new series Beaumont Brides. The Duvalls and the Lowes are a blended family of six adult children in each family so there are plenty of books to write. These characters are just graduating college or have graduated and are starting their careers, dealing with social life and love, naturally. This is the series I’ve wanted to write for several years. The idea came to me when I attended a wedding of an older bride and groom with adult children. After the ceremony, the same question kept running through my mind, What if… Now I’ve finally had the opportunity to find out what would happen if the characters I’ve been developing had to ask that question. The first book is Zach’s and Ellora’s story, two career minded people with no time for relationships. I was so excited when I saw the cover. I hope you love their story and the series!

So board that plane or pack up the car and jet off to your best summer vacation yet, and remember there will always be down time so that’s a great time pick up that summer read.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!