Laura Haley-McNeil

9/30/18, Air on the G String

Hello, Everyone!

In case the title of this blog caught your attention for the wrong reason, I’m not writing about bikinis. Air on the G String is a movement from one of Bach’s orchestral suites. Clicking the link will take you to a recording. The melody is used frequently in film, and advertising, and one you’ll recognize instantly.

As a fan of classical music, I’ve wanted to write about a violinist for several years. My husband is a pianist and many of our friends are musicians so I am steeped in music. Music is magical to me, and I want to share that magic every chance I get.

When I attend a concert, it isn’t just to hear the music; I also study how the musician is performing the piece. For a violinist, she isn’t just pulling her bow across the strings of her instrument. She is holding the bow at an angle to gain the most effective pitch and tone and sound and volume. She has developed an acute sense to detect instantly if her instrument needs to be tuned or regulated or voiced. Her instrument is part of her and, as if the violin were an infant, the musician constantly is aware of the violin’s needs.

That is the character I wanted to depict, and that is how Teagan Whitloch Munroe came to me. While she is the concertmaster, the principal or main violinist, in the Denver Orchestra, she has also developed a reputation as an exquisite performer and travels throughout the world performing with renowned orchestras. Many of her recordings are live. In Imagine the Kiss, she is working with her producer to record pieces in the woods on the Crystal Creek Ranch.

While she is testing the acoustics of an outdoor venue, she realizes she’s not alone. She demands to know who is this mysterious stranger who hikes through the woods on her stepmother’s ranch, but the trespasser with a melodious voice that soothes her shattered heart knows he can never reveal himself to her and slips away.

After years of formulating Teagan in my mind, I was very happy to see her come to life on the page, and sad because it had been so much fun developing her and now that she’s fully created, it’s time for me to move on and bring to life the other characters who inhabit Crystal Creek.

Stay safe, and have a great week, full of happy moments, good times, and wonderful surprises!!!