Laura Haley-McNeil

6/23/19, Tropes Romance Readers Love, Part 4

Hello, Everyone!

As I’ve been writing over the past few weeks, when writing romance, authors need to keep in mind the tropes romance readers love. Tropes aren’t limited to romance. Other genres use tropes as well. Because I write romance, I’m focusing on the tropes for romance readers.

Tropes Romance Readers Love

If you’re wondering what to write about, a great way to start is to google the tropes romance readers love. A great source is Goodreads. This site has lists in every imaginable category. Google Best Secret Baby romance novels and books regarding this trope will appear. Click through the list and see what it was about the book readers liked. This gives you an idea of what readers want. Though many of these books are older, readers still love them and want to read more like them.

Taming of the Shrew

Another trope readers love is the enemies to lovers. Think Taming of the Shrew. Now there was a battle not only between the hero and heroine, but she also had to battle with her father. Of course, this woman had the strength to battle anything. Meek and mild she was not. Friends to lovers is also a popular romance trope.

The enemies to lovers’ premise appears repeatedly in literature so is easy to find. Remember to write it fresh, which is something else writers need to study. How do you find an author who writes fresh? She’s probably your favorite author already. Find an author whose books you buy every time she releases one and guaranteed she’s an author who can sell anything because her writing is fresh.

Variation on a Trope

The tropes I’ve discussed are not carved in stone. Writers can stretch their wings and write something new, but keep in mind that you’re writing for an audience with expectations. As long as you’re telling a great story, readers will clamor for your book every time.

Below is a list of the main tropes for romance readers:

  1. Friends to lovers (enemies to lovers)
  2. Soulmate/fate
  3. Second chance at love
  4. Secret romance
  5. First love
  6. Strong hero/heroine
  7. Reunited lovers
  8. Love triangle
  9. Sexy billionaire
  10. Sassy heroine
  11. Secret baby

Can you think of some others?

I hope you have an amazing week and pray God’s blessings for you and your loved ones.