Laura Haley-McNeil

6/30/19, Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

Whether you are an American or not, I hope this is a wonderful day for you.

America’s Independence

Though our founding fathers had no idea that declaring America’s independence would turn into a celebration of fireworks and picnics and gathering with family and friends, I’m still amazed at the brilliant minds who created a document that declared freedom from British rule.

Happy Independence Day!

For me, it’s also a day of fond memories when our family would gather with friends and have picnics that seemed to last an eternity. When evening came, we’d light fireworks. Afterward, we’d fall into bed exhausted because of the activity and the heat. My parents worked hard to make the day memorable and make sure we had a happy independence day. With any event, they always made sure it was enjoyable for us kids.

Safe and Happy Holiday

No matter how you spend this day, I pray it’s a safe and happy day for you and your loved ones. I keep you in my prayers this holiday and throughout the year. May God engrave you in the palm of His hand and overflow your lives with His love.