Laura Haley-McNeil

10/27/19, Alpha Male

Alpha Male

When someone says alpha male, what image pops into your mind?

Actors Who Portray Alpha Males

There are several actors who portray alpha male roles and most people think of them. I looked up some writers’ blogs that discussed alpha males in romance novels and read what readers thought of these characters. One of these blog was written by a man in 2012. Mostly men commented on this blog and it was interesting to see what men considered alpha as opposed to women, but I’m going concentrate on the women’s POV.

Everyone has a different definition, but there was a common thread: The alpha male will defend those he loves to his death. I like that.

John Wayne

I hate going back too far to find the alpha male character who appeals to me, but the actor John Wayne portrayed these characters. These characters have no interest in relationships or not a relationship with any depth. The relationship should feed the alpha male’s need. They love women, but don’t want a permanent relationship. They’re in charge, and everyone knows it.

Alpha Male’s Weakness

But they also have a weakness. Usually it’s to help the helpless. They seem to be at least slightly aware of this weakness, but the character who needs their help is persistent and the alpha male can no longer reject the character with a need. If that character is a woman with a need, the plot gets interesting.

Alpha Male’s Woman

When this character meets the woman who isn’t impressed with them, the fun begins. Every woman they meet wants them⸻except this one woman. She may be attracted to the alpha male, but she hides it well.

These alpha males love the chase and so it begins.

Romance Novels

Alpha males are a mainstay in romance novels. Although many readers like the beta males, most readers want the alpha male. Having this character in a romance novel usually increases the conflict, which every novel needs.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week, and can curl up with a good book. Books make every day special, and every one of your days should be special!