Laura Haley-McNeil

8/9/20, Are You in Need of a Hero?

Alpha Heartthrobs

Are you in need of a hero? I know⸻we women are our own heroes, but it’s nice to dream about a hero riding into our lives. And what better way to do that than to lose yourself in the pages of a wonderful romance novel?

Summer Reading

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading and August is a great month for reading romance. There are TONS of novels coming your way, and each are filled with a dashing hero who is strong and tender at once. Just what we women of the Roaring Twenties need.

Are You in Need of a Hero?

Even if you don’t need a hero. Even if YOU are the hero of the story of your life, and I know many of you are, now’s the time to escape to happily-ever-after and lose yourself in a story where love really does conquer all.

Book Boyfriend

Click this link to discover the alpha heartthrobs that are waiting for you between the pages of these books. Books are a great way to make you believe your dreams can come true.

Call It Love

When I wrote Call It Love, Book 3 of the Beaumont Brides Series, I was looking for a hero that my readers would stay with even after they read THE END. It wasn’t the end for Spencer Kingsley. Many of my readers were perfectly delighted with him and I’m glad he found a place in so many hearts.

I hope everything is well with you and your loved ones and that your summer is wonderful and blessed. Stay safe and well and engraved in the palm of God’s hand.