Laura Haley-McNeil

5/31/20, Movie Extra

Life as a Movie Extra

Though my life has been far from exciting, working as a movie extra was memorable and an experience I drew on later when I wrote Call It Love, Book 3 of the Beaumont Brides Series.

Movies are Glamorous

Movies are made to be glamorous. Audiences sit in a theatre and are awed by the luxurious sets, colorful costumes and the beautiful actors. The life of a movie extra? Not glamorous at all.

Remember Your Cues

Though everyone who worked on the set was nice, the life of an extra can be one notch above boring. We spent a lot of time standing around and waiting. And then we had to rehearse. As a movie extra, we had to watch our cues and remember where we had to be and when. Marks on the floor would show the stopping and starting points. When the director yelled action, everyone moved.

Movie Extras

In one film I worked in, the director wanted the girls to wear dresses. I didn’t know why until I reached the set. We had a scene set in a college library and when the camera panned past me, I had to lift the hem of my dress and scratch my leg. Like I’d do that in public, but this is Hollywood. Nothing is real especially me scratching my leg in a library.

All of these experiences helped me write Call It Love. To find out more about Addison’s and Spencer’s story, click the link and fall into Lights! Camera! Action!

I hope you’re well and your life is getting close to normal.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!